Cloud computing stack targets operators/IT, developers and end users with different set of services and operations which refer to IaaS, Paas and SaaS. Cloud computing suites from leading vendors enable private, public and hybrid cloud deployments. TalentPace has set up competency to work with the domains across leading cloud technology providers: OpenStack, VMware, Amazon and Microsoft Azure. TalentPace has substantial expertise in building platforms for integrating product environments with these cloud technologies. Our skillset encompasses virtualization, storage, network and cloud APIs.

  • WS EC2 - Virtual Cloud Server
  • AWS Elastic bean Stalk - Run and Manage Web Apps
  • AWS S3 - Scalable storage in cloud
  • AWS EBS - Elastic Block storage Volumes
  • AWS Dynamo DB - Management of No SQL
  • AWS SNS - Push Notification service
  • AWS SES - Simple Email Services
  • AWS SQS - Simple Queuing services
  • AWS Elastic Load Balancer - automatically distributes incoming application traffic across multiple Amazon EC2 instances in the cloud
  • AWS management console
  • AWS Route 53highly available and scalable cloud Domain Name System (DNS) web service
  • AWS Cognito - User Identity and App data synchronisation
  • Mobile Analytics - Collect, View and Export App analytics
  • Cloud Watch - Monitor Resources and Application
Our Microsoft Azure Cloud Team Offers:
  • Building rapid Azure idea to demonstrate prototypes
  • Migrating current applications to Azure
  • Augmenting present applications to work with Azure
  • Developing new cloud applications on Azure
  • Integrating Azure applications with on-going business systems
  • Supporting & maintaining Azure applications


Development of Construction Project Management System for Decathlon

TalentPace delivered a software solution for Decathlon that is seamlessly integrated with all functional areas of the construction and streamline operations helping stakeholders and construction project managers with a centralized software to bring efficiency and accountability to the overall processes.

Engineering Project Management System for SUTL

When SUTL needed to revamp their existing business application with an Integrated financial, manufacturing, production, inventory and pricing information using a common platform, TalentPace put together a comprehensive approach in meeting trunaround times within the customers budgetory constraints.


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