TalentPace provides AI/ML software development for our partners who want to apply smarter solutions to their business problems. Together we open up new AI opportunities that can – in a very real way – change the future. With our expert AI developers and platforms we have a full suite of AI/ML services to develop, deploy, and manage AI-enabled solutions. From retail to finance, education to healthcare, and IT; we can help your leverage AI/ ML algorithms to cater your business needs. Give your web and mobile solutions the capability to learn, improve, and adapt over time.

Our AI/ML Capabilities


Build AI powered chatbots that could recognize text patterns and keywords to respond to user queries automatically while reducing the operational cost

Recommendation engines

Enhance sales and customer experience in E-Commerce application by building Recommendation Engines that gives personalized suggestions to customers.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Automate high-volume, repeatable tasks with Robotic Process Automation there by increasing speed of operations while reducing operational cost.

Inventory Optimisation

Automated inventory management insights can help retailers cut down on costs, maximize sell-through and ensure a store has the correct amount of inventory on hand for each stock keeping unit.

Optical Character Recognition

Convert static documents, such as physical forms, into a format that’s searchable and editable and build AI-driven insights to take better business decisions.

Sentimental Analysis

Detect the opinions expressed by users and measure customer feedback found in millions of web pages, postings on review sites, customer forums and provides strategic value from the extraction of online feedback and comments.

Object Recognition

Recognize particular object from images with extensive use of AI, ML and Neural networks and extract useful information for further business processing.

Anomaly Detections

Use data analysing algorithms to detect unusual patterns in the system like abnormalities in application traffic and service load—as traffic and load depend on business-model seasonal patterns.

Our Business Analytics Approach

Predictive Analysis

Using the power of machine learning and statistical algorithms to study data and identify the likelihood of future outcomes to make predictions based on that.

Text Mining

Analysing text data from the web, books, comments, social media using ML and natural language processing technologies to uncover hidden patterns.

Fraud Protection

Helping organizations prevent crimes such as banking, insurance & government frauds that inflict financial losses and destroy customer confidence.

Data Management

Helping businesses in establishing a repeatable process to maintain high-quality well-governed organized data before it can be reliably analysed.

Platform Expertise

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