The financial services industry is subject to constant change, as economic factors and evolving legislation intensify competition and limit profitability. Increased customer expectation, regulatory demands, Omni-channel and mobile banking have brought forth a new set of challenges for the financial industry in last couple of years. In order to restore stability and achieve sustainable growth, financial services IT leaders can leverage new technology and capitalize on developments in security and product innovation to improve the customer experience and grow market share.

Talentpace has an in-depth understanding of the various segments that make up the financial services. We work closely with clients to develop comprehensive technology solutions that address their businesses' developmental needs, while ensuring compliance with stringent regulatory requirements. Talentpace has delivered innovative software solutions that powers the products and services used by many leading companies, plus thousands of their customers. Our software development solutions span the entire finance software spectrum. Our suite of services is designed to address the needs and challenges faced by all segments of the financial services industry. Each service is supported by dedicated financial services experts who can share industry best practices and insight, while partnering with you to build and deliver a tailored solution.

Key Offerings

Cards & Payments
Helping merchants and financial institutions understand and implement PCI DSS PCI DSS standards to protect payment systems from breaches and theft of cardholder data.
Fraud and Risk
Proactive risk management through advanced analytics based on unified approach to fraud, compliance and security.
Mobility solutions
A portfolio of tools and services to develop enterprise mobility strategies across a range of mobile platforms and devices
Cloud strategy
Define the kind of cloud model that best suits the needs of your business to have a new level of flexibility and significant savings to IT.

Analytics and Insights
3600 view to devise tailor made marketing strategies, improve operational efficiencies, measure and mitigate risk and predict future trends.
Quality Assurance consulting
Functional and non-functional testing using different testing techniques, which includes test design, test execution, and test result analysis.
Enterprise Application Integration
Implementation of web services and other tools enabling automated data exchange and business process integration across diverse applications.

Case Studies

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