The ability to continuously improve processes and gain incremental ROI on a consistent basis is what sets a BPMS apart from other means of driving process improvement. So, when making the case for BPM, it is critical to consider not only the first iterations of processes and what value they might bring; it is essential to consider the incremental value that will be added over time.

TalentPace BPM solution capabilities help business to optimize any organizational process. Our process development rules and the Business activity monitoring process on a flexible SOA foundation will enable the enterprise more capable in a way:

  • Increase Efficiency
  • Improve Transparency
  • Improve Quality
  • Agility

Key Offerings

BPM Strategy and RoadMap Definition
BPM Product Evaluation

BPM Process Consulting
BPM Business Rules Harvesting and Analysis

Case Studies

BPMS Implementation for ACER INC

TalentPace brought certain ability for Acer with an increased organizational accountability, agility and efficiency, Reduce risk by implementing best practices in workflow processes. Provided flexibility and dynamism to handle the shortcomings of an existing system including meeting the ever growing user base and also handling of creating new complex workflows.

Development of Construction Project Management System for Decathlon

TalentPace delivered a software solution for Decathlon that is seamlessly integrated with all functional areas of the construction and streamline operations helping stakeholders and construction project managers with a centralized software to bring efficiency and accountability to the overall processes.

Development of Business Control Management System for Lenovo

The spreadsheet system, used to document the Business Controls and Risk management details becoming complex and unwieldy with changing audit processes.TalentPace helped streamlining complete audit processes for Lenovo by automating Business control and risk managment processes ensuring seamless workflow providing high visibility to Lenovo's Audit and Business Control Team.

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