Organisations know that the huge data generated at ever-increasing speed in our digitised world have created an urgent business analytics imperative. Applying analytics technologies, tools, techniques and talent can transform dry facts and figures into strategic insights that deliver intelligence in the moment.

TalentPace's Advanced Analytics Group (AAG) applies state-of-the-art techniques and is equipped with the latest tools and technology. Depending on the engagement, AAG team members can support a multitude of analyses, including: predictive modeling, customer segmentation, experimental design, pricing optimization and more by developing the best approach to client challenges, combining analytical rigor and business pragmatism.

Business Analytics Process

To solve the business problems using the relevant data and turning it into insights, providing the enterprise with the knowledge it needs to proactively make decisions we follow a 7-step business analytics process.

Business Analytics Services

Risk Analytics

Our skilled business analytics team helps you plan for and mitigate business risks to minimize vulnerability, but also exploit opportunities.

Visual Analytics

Use online dashboards, diagrams and charts to make business analytics information intuitive and accessible.

Survey Analytics

Understand your customers, competitors, and markets, in a better way, and stay ahead.

Contact Centre Analytics

Spot new niches and eliminate problem areas through clarity of call center interactions.

Text Analytics

Quantify market and competitor data to turn text into actionable insights for your company.

Financial Analytics

Get vital financial indicators as well as models for financial and fiscal improvements.

Predictive Analytics

Leverage Big Data to build credible scenarios of future events and business decisions.

Supply Chain Analytics

Boost performance and customer satisfaction while minimizing costs in your supply chain.

Collections Analytics

Refine your accounts receivable strategy to improve your cash flow and financial resilience.

Retail Analytics

Identify, attract, and retain the most profitable customers to improve your overall ROI.

Platform Expertise

Case Studies

Development of SAS Drug Development Platform for Himalaya Healthcare

In a way it is essential for any pharma company to handle data diversity while perform clinical trials effectively. TalentPace put in a plan to help Himalaya's goal of bringing efficiency in data transfer and Data access from external research organizations and ensuring compliance with various regulatory entities whilst performing clinical trials more effectively.

IBM CognosBI and Planning Services for a Large Enterprise

TalentPace transformed the budgeting and forecasting processes enabling customer to plan and analyze their business more effectively. Our solution provided a single version, fast and more accurate and detailed information than before.A well-defined approach by TalentPace helped customer witnessing optimal success in critical facets of sales and distribution.

BI Center of Excellence for Himalaya Drugs

TalentPace has taken the challenge and provided Himalaya a standardized BI platform with an enhanced visibility and tracking of brand performance and profitability on monthly/quarterly/yearly basis with prior year comparison. Analytics solutions helped Sales and marketing to monitor performance at product, brand, and profit center level – Brand P&L summary.

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