Rising expectations from digitally connected, energy conscious and demanding customers are not only putting pressure on margins but also posing challenges on revenue growth. Utilities and energy providers face public backlash and stiff regulatory fines if they fail to adequately address customer complaints. Current operations must be maintained while introducing new business models capable of maximizing positive customer and business outcomes.

Talentpace helps enhance the profitability of Electricity, Gas and Water Utility firms through innovative solutions that help improve operational efficiency by standardizing processes at the core of the organization, and help increase revenues by creating differentiated offerings and processes that involve the consumer. Our strategy of leveraging the cloud, mobility and analytics to execute this dual-front approach of differentiation at the front, and standardization at the core will ensure that you stay ahead of the curve.

Key Offerings

Quality Assurance consulting
Functional and non-functional testing using different testing techniques, which includes test design, test execution, and test result analysis.
Cloud strategy
Define the kind of cloud model that best suits the needs of your business to have a new level of flexibility and significant savings to IT.
Enterprise Application Integration
Implementation of web services and other tools enabling automated data exchange and business process integration across diverse applications.

Analytics and Insights
360° view to devise tailor made marketing strategies, improve operational efficiencies, measure and mitigate risk and predict future trends.
Mobility solutions
A portfolio of tools and services to develop enterprise mobility strategies across a range of mobile platforms and devices

Case Studies

Cumulus – A knowledge Management System for Sharp

TalentPace expertise in Digital Transformation services helped Sharp achieving their desire to establish a knowledge management enterprise providing wide range of educational resources from magazines to digital media with fast and easy access to all types of information. Developed robust Knowledge Management system helped Sharp exploring new business portfolios successfully.

Development of a Token Management System for Lenovo

TalentPace developed a fully integrated self-service queue management system entrusted to serve Lenovo customers with repair line orders more efficiently.

Development of Construction Project Management System for Decathlon

TalentPace delivered a software solution for Decathlon that is seamlessly integrated with all functional areas of the construction and streamline operations helping stakeholders and construction project managers with a centralized software to bring efficiency and accountability to the overall processes.

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