People and freight movement are the lifelines of a connected global economy. Transportation overcomes distance, time, weather, topography, borders, regulations, tariffs and political factors. Today, transportation providers must build elastic capacity, develop and leverage efficient networks, factor global economic systems, adhere to environmental safety practices and focus on reducing costs. Regardless of whether your supply chain is international or domestic, effectively managing the purchased transportation process to reduce complexity, improve control, and reduce costs is essential.

TalentPace offers a comprehensive range of Logistics management services that we tailor to each client’s needs. These include technical and engineering services, crew training and management, new building supervision, insurance, independent surveys, superintendence, audits and commercial management. As a leader in ship management, not only do we operate as an economically sustainable business, but also as an environmentally responsible organization.

Key Offerings

Fuel Tracking
Monitor and compare fuel economy across all assets and also automatically import fuel transaction data (incl. odometer readings) from supported fuel cards
Telematics and GPS Solutions
Up-to-the-moment location updates that empowers organizations to manage their fleets, personnel productivity and security at all times.
Quality Assurance consulting
Functional and non-functional testing using different testing techniques, which includes test design, test execution, and test result analysis.
Cloud strategy
Define the kind of cloud model that best suits the needs of your business to have a new level of flexibility and significant savings to IT.

Analytics and Insights
360° view to devise tailor made marketing strategies, improve operational efficiencies, measure and mitigate risk and predict future trends.
Enterprise Application Integration
Implementation of web services and other tools enabling automated data exchange and business process integration across diverse applications.
Mobility solutions
A portfolio of tools and services to develop enterprise mobility strategies across a range of mobile platforms and devices.

Case Studies

Supply Chain Modernization for Himalaya Drugs

TalentPace helped Himalaya achieving greater visibility and control on inventory and accuracy around order fulfillment processes and improved critical warehouse operations, enhanced the productivity on measurable control on inventory losses.A modernized supply chain system enabled to streamline Supply Chain operations and save millions of dollars each season.

Development of Mobile Point of Delivery (MPoD) SUTL,SINGAPORE

SUTL needed to optimize their delivery processes by bringing in contemporary technologies and tools to enhance its competitive position by reducing operating expenses and improving customer service. TalentPace delivered state of the art mobile based delivery management system helped SUTL to streamline entire delivery process by allowing them to communicate with its fleet any time.

BI Center of Excellence for Himalaya Drugs

TalentPace has taken the challenge and provided Himalaya a standardized BI platform with an enhanced visibility and tracking of brand performance and profitability on monthly/quarterly/yearly basis with prior year comparison. Analytics solutions helped Sales and marketing to monitor performance at product, brand, and profit center level – Brand P&L summary.

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