In the manufacturing industry, the focus is on optimally utilizing existing infrastructure to reduce operational costs, increase efficiency and ensure quality and safety is maintained. Today's innovative process technologies have the potential to completely transform the way business is done in the manufacturing and services sector. Opportunities to dramatically streamline processes, significantly cut costs, and considerably boost productivity are here. But only companies that deploy and maximize the right technologies will seize upon these opportunities and gain a true competitive advantage.

Talentpace make industrial manufacturing operations intelligent by designing, transforming, and running their processes through advanced operating models that harness technology and analytics through appropriate organizational design, focused to where they can deliver the most impact.

Key Offerings

Cleanroom Management
Cover every facet of manufacturing operations from initial design and engineering to evaluations of the manufacturing cycle and operator training programs.
Shop Floor Automation
Run a leaner manufacturing operation by integrating production control software with manufacturing equipment on the shop floor, in the warehouse and at the loading docks.
Quality Assurance consulting
Functional and non-functional testing using different testing techniques, which includes test design, test execution, and test result analysis.
Smart Manufacturing
Transforms traditional factories from cost centers into profit centers that progressive businesses will strategically invest in to increase sales

Cloud strategy
Define the kind of cloud model that best suits the needs of your business to have a new level of flexibility and significant savings to IT.
Analytics and Insights
360° view to devise tailor made marketing strategies, improve operational efficiencies, measure and mitigate risk and predict future trends.
Enterprise Application Integration
Implementation of web services and other tools enabling automated data exchange and business process integration across diverse applications.
Mobility solutions
A portfolio of tools and services to develop enterprise mobility strategies across a range of mobile platforms and devices

Case Studies

Development of Operations and Process Control System for SIBCO

TalentPace had been succesful in brigning substantial improvements to the operations processes of SIBCO in LTCC line of manufacturing integrated with real time data ensuring smooth clean room processes, product quality and control.Our solution provided the ability to integrate information from a broad range of equipment and systems with unified and standardized communications.

Smart Phone Assembling System for ACER INC

When Acer India is re-examining on its "delivering customer-defined value" at every touch point along the value chain, TalentPace offered an innovative, agile and competitive solution to make smart Phone Assembly processes easier and more efficient to achieve quick time-to-market and manage global markets and competition by shortened lead time.

Development of Business Control Management System for Lenovo

The spreadsheet system, used to document the Business Controls and Risk management details becoming complex and unwieldy with changing audit processes.TalentPace helped streamlining complete audit processes for Lenovo by automating Business control and risk managment processes ensuring seamless workflow providing high visibility to Lenovo's Audit and Business Control Team.

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