Our Sustainability Solutions

S&D Automation

Indent to Invoice automation from truck Entry to Exit process tracking and management.

Digital Book

Enabling Paperless office through records digitization of entire operations like shift planning, attendance management, Cylinder Inspection, QC reports etc.

Building Power Automation

Power usage optimization of Executive Cabins, Conf Rooms, Common Areas and other building facilities.


AI based equipment power management through power parameters analysis and anomaly detection and reporting.


AI based water availability management, consumption analysis management and leakage detection and reporting.

Due Pressure Testing (DPT) Automation

Certifying quality of cylinder for its readiness to fill the gas.

Smart STP

S/I/C of Humanless Tech Enabled Sewage Treatment Plant with Realtime Analytics Reporting.

Smart ETP

S/I/C of Humanless Tech Enabled x Treatment Plant with Realtime Analytics Reporting.

Air Quality Reporting

Realtime AIR Quality Indices Reporting for making timely environment decisions.

People Safety System

System to ensure every employee is safe and accounted in Hazardous and Non-Hazardous areas.

Our Work


Development of Part Sales Management System.

Himalaya Drugs

Development of Distribution Management System.


Development of Business Process Management System


Development of Construction Project Management System

SUTL, Singapore

Development of Mobile Point of Delivery (MPoD)


Development of Kentico CMS Websites

Our Clients

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Our Experience


Technical Experts





Engineering Led Digital Transformation

Technology Consulting

Create and execute a digital roadmap using next generation technologies.

Development and Maintenance

Deep talent pool of industry-specific technology experts to develop scalable applications.

Product Engineering

Innovative engineering solutions that span the entire product lifecycle.

Systems Integration

Facilitating seamless communications between mission-critical business platforms.

Business Process Automation

Automate core business processes to continuously improve processes and gain incremental ROI.

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