TalentPace designs and implements Open Process Control (OPC) solutions according to the demanding needs of the industry. OPC is an open interoperability standard used in industrial automation applications such as control rooms, for the integration of process control and diagnostic applications with process control devices. When data acquisition devices conform to the OPC standard, you can use them with any OPC-enabled software application. And vice versa. You can therefore easily combine different devices from different manufacturers in one system, without the normal integration headaches. OPC gives you the freedom to add new hardware from third-party vendors to existing set-ups, or to replace a device, without worrying about compatibility with your chosen software. Select exactly the hardware and software you want for a particular application.

The information exchange between devices takes place through a standard interface of a client-server based architecture, ensuring a vendor independent device and application integration. TalentPace has been implementing customized OPC client and server solutions for different requirements from various sectors of the industry. Benefits of OPC are

  • Flexible: OPC enables platform and manufacturer-independent connectivity through a standard communication interface
  • Affordable: System integration, development and installation efforts needed
  • Fast development cycle: Shorter R&D cycles through the use of standardized software components
  • Reliable: Guaranteed technical reliability through the use of industry-wide standards


Development of Operations and Process Control system for SIBCO

TalentPace had been succesful in bringing substantial improvements to the operations processes of SIBCO in LTCC line of manufacturing integrated with real time data ensuring smooth clean room processes, product quality and control.


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